How do I benefit from on-site treatment?

    • No transportation concerns to a dental office

    • Comfort of being treated in familiar surroundings

    • Close communication with the support staff

    • The hygienist becomes part of your support network

Why do I need my teeth cleaned professionally?

    • Living in a long term care facility means special attention when it comes to oral health care.

    • Soft sugary diets and limited dexterity contribute to tooth decay and gum disease.

    • Problems in the mouth can affect your overall health and wellness. Research indicates a direct link between oral health and illnesses such as cardiovascular (heart & stroke), lung disease and diabetes.

    • Bacteria from gum disease can find their way into the bloodstream, complicating existing medical conditions.

I have dentures.

Why do I need an oral assessment?

    • Help to rule out oral cancer and other oral diseases

    • Evaluate the fit and cleanliness of the denture

    • Label the dentures with your name for identification